PitE Club

Building Environmental Awareness and Relationships


Mission Statement

PitE Club works to foster a greater sense of community within PitE and to facilitate student involvement. The group serves as a sounding board for the PitE administration when making program changes that welcome some student input and feedback.

In addition, PitE Clubl focuses on developing and maintaining the mentorship program between undergraduate PitE students and SNRE graduate students. The club also coordinates volunteer opportunities in Ann Arbor for the PitE student body, including PitE Club members.

PitE Club members attend and represent PitE at student events, such as LSA Concentration Fair, Pizza with the Professors, Midnight Breakfast, and speaker series events.

Board Members

Wyatt Klipa
Vice President
Ross Shaw
Kate Vogel
Kayla Wanous
Kingsli Kraft

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Program in the Environment (PitE)

Offered as a major or minor PitE is the University of Michigan’s undergraduate environmental program. And it rocks!

For more information on the program and courses offered please visit their webpage, here.