PitE Club

Building Environmental Awareness and Relationships

Whitney Conard

Name: Whitney Conard
Conservation Ecology

I am currently a 2nd year master’s student in SNRE majoring in conservation ecology. Prior to U-M, I did
my undergraduate degree in biology at Indiana University. I have always been involved in some kind
of research but my research interests have changed over the years. In undergrad, I did research in a
biochemistry lab on the interaction between a retinoblastoma gene (RB) mutation and brome mosaic
virus (BMV) in tobacco plants. As you might guess, I did not get to choose the topic of research then but
the opportunity to learn lab techniques was something I could not pass up. Now in graduate school, my
research interests revolve around aquatic ecosystems and invasive species (mostly fish). My master’s
thesis is assessing an endangered catfish, Northern madtom, in the Detroit and St. Clair Rivers. I have
taught a number of courses both as an undergraduate teaching assistant and now as a graduate student
instructor. These include Genetics, Introduction to Biology Lab, and Ecology of Fishes Lab. I have sought
out my own funding for graduate school and am happy to talk about that with students if you have any


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