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Pascal Title

Pascal Title
PhD, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
During my undergrad at UC Berkeley, I worked at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, as a curatorial assistant in the herpetology specimen collections, and as a georeferencer and database manager, where I did GIS tasks and found and corrected database mistakes associated with the specimen collections. I worked there for an additional year after I graduated, and during that time was involved in fieldwork for the museum. I did herpetology fieldwork in the California deserts, and also in Guatemala.
In 2009, I moved to San Diego, and did a masters in evolutionary biology, where I worked on the niche evolution of tanagers, a large group of neotropical birds.
I am now working on my PhD in Dan Rabosky’s lab, where I work on the diversification of Australian reptiles. I am particularly interested in the spatial and climatic aspects of the reptile radiations that have occurred there. I was fortunate to be able to spend 3 months in Australia over the summer of 2013, where I helped with fieldwork and gathered data from museums.
I am interested in GIS, herpetology, comparative methods and phylogenetics.

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